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Character Information
Name:Arya Stark  
Profession:Best Royal Paladin
Level: 710
Dodge: 100 used
Critical: 100 used
Marital status:single
House:Best Templo 23 (Principal) is paid until 31 Dec 1969 21:00
Guild Membership:Member of the Last Sentence
Last login:10 July 2024, 10:48 am
Balance:$ 98,917,005 Gold Coins.


 Este player não possui Outfits.


 Este player não possui Montarias.

Quest Complete: 100%
Lista de Quests

10 Jul 2024, 09:53 Died at level 710 by best grim reaper, Salsicha, Advanced Gameplay, Klipton, Vinizord and by Royal Kyros Slash.
10 Jul 2024, 03:17 Killed at level 710 by Te Comi, Atoa, Andised, Sucuri and by Chupa Coco.
9 Jul 2024, 21:41 Killed at level 709 by Gandalf, Kings Slayer, Azevedo, Brazz, Bolt, Perry, Hate In Person, Magic Wall, Chuva Caindo, Zoii Paz, Flux, Bolsinha De Jesus, Adsadasd, Leozin and by Rafao.
9 Jul 2024, 21:40 Killed at level 710 by Brazz, Nobody Knows, Kings Slayer, Azevedo, Perry, Bolt, Yess, Najlepszy Zoi, Ms Quatro, Chefao, Bolsinha De Jesus, Big Da Show, Chuva Caindo, Klipton and by Jude Bellingham.
9 Jul 2024, 21:34 Killed at level 710 by Jogador Raro, Salsicha, Zoii Paz, Gthz, Clean Bothers One, Perry, Brazz, Adsadasd, Tex Da Paramax, Deus rei petzor, Kings Slayer, Ayayaya, Chuva Caindo, Magic Wall and by Ultimo Tempo San.

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